Photos of Bermuda and information on my personal interests such as motorcycles, tropical fish, African art and travel
Personal Web Site of Craig Morfitt
You'll find a variety of Bermuda photos on this site. Additional photos can be found at my SmugMug site (linked below)
There is lots of information here on tropical fish and the aquarium hobby
You'll find information on my fish collecting trips to Peru, Mexico and Malawi
There is a profile listing my involvement in the aquarium hobby
I have some of my articles posted, including those on Bermuda's killifish - Fundulus bermudae
If you are interested in old aquatic books, you'll find a listing of those in my collection
There are also photos of some old aquarium equipment that I have collected
I have a collection of African art that includes sculptures by the Shona master fine artists of Zimbabwe as well as a variety of other pieces.  I have recently updated this section with photos of most of my collection.
A couple of photos from when I was studying Goju Ryu karate
Use the link on the left if you would like to contact me
Visit the Motorcycle Section to see my classic 1980 Honda CB900 Custom, my1973 Honda CB125 K5, my 1962 Triumph Tiger Cub and others.   There are also photos of other motorcycles in Bermuda and photos from my trips riding rented bikes in the United States.
Me, with bike builder Billy Lane

I enjoy travelling. This page has links to photos from some of my trips and a map that shows the countries that I have visited.
Information on the boats that I have owned, including a Sea Sprite 23 sailboat and my current Stingray Bowrider 17.
I have now begun posting photos to my SmugMug site rather than on this site. For my more recent photos, check out my SmugMug site.
I am currently planning a six-month expedition acoss Europe and Central Asia for 2014. The trip planning, vehicle build and the trip itself will be documented on a separate blog-site. To follow the preparations and the trip - click here