In October, 1999, I took a vacation to my favourite continent, Africa.  I visited the countries of Zambia and Malawi on a trip that allowed me to enjoy the spectacle of African wildlife and observe the fish in Lake Malawi.

The first week was spent participating in a combined vehicle and walking safari in Zambia, under the guidance of Remote Africa Safaris.  The second week was spent on Lake Malawi, home to many of the hobby's most attractive cichlid fish.  I stayed with Mr. Stuart Grant, the well-known collector and exporter of tropical fish.  I was able to bring back some wild-caught fish from Malawi.

Some of my photographs of Tafika Camp (Zambia) and wildlife in Zambia can be found by following the links below. 
Cichlid Press
For information on trips to Lake Malawi or Lake Tanganyika.  The site also has books, posters, etc. for sale
Remote Africa Safaris
Use the above link to access the web-site of Remote Africa Safaris.  John Coppinger is a very experienced guide who operates an absolutely first class safari operation on the bank of the Luangwa River.  His web-site provides links for information on the various game parks in Zambia
The Lonely Planet guide book on "Malawi, Mozambique & Zambia" provides excellent information on these countries
One of the great advantages of purchasing a Lonely Planet travel book is that you can always remain up-to-date by visiting Lonely Planet Online.  The web-site includes free updates to each of the Lonely Planet travel books, as well as current information submitted by other readers.
A taste of Zambian wildlife
Whilst on a walking safari we came across this dead adult female leopard