Bermuda Bikes

Links to Pages of Photos of Bikes in Bermuda
including Bermuda's Classic Bikes
Bermuda Classic Bike Club's Annual Christmas Charity Ride 2005

Photos of some of the bikes that participated in the ride.
Bermuda Classic Bike Club's Display at the 2008 Agricultural Exhibition

Photos of several bikes that participated
Bermuda Classic Bike Club Display at the Southside Racetrack in 2008
ETA Motorcycle Cruise Visits Bermuda

Photos of Bermuda bikes and visiting large displacement motorcycles
Howard's 1983 Honda CB1000 Custom

Photos of my friend Howard's CB1000 in Bermuda
Bermuda Motorcycles as Art at the Bermuda National Gallery in 2009

Photos of bikes that formed the exhibition plus others
Classic Bikes and Customised Modern Bikes at City Hall - 2009

Photos of bikes that were displayed outside Hamilton City Hall in February 2009
Classic Bikes at Verdmont

Classic bikes on display at the Vedmont Museum in April 2009
Bermuda Day Parade 2009

Bermuda Classic Bike Club leads out the Bermuda Day Parade in May 2009
Classic Bike Race Day 2009

Classic Bike Day at the Bermuda Race Track in June 2009
Charity Poker Run 2009

Bermuda Classic Bike Club Annual Christmas Charity Poker Run