Below is a list of the old aquatic books, magazines and catalogues that formed my collection. The whole collection is currently in the process of being sold. Many of the books and magazines have been sold but others remain available.

I find that the old books and magazines provide a wonderful insight into how the hobby developed.  I find it amazing that fish keepers in the early days were able to successfully breed fish in small tanks without the assistance of filters, air-pumps, and the many other modern day gadgets that we have today.

Wood, Rev. J.G.  Common Objects of the Sea Shore
       1857  1st edition

Butler, H.D.  The Family Aquarium
     1858   1st edition

Rymer-Jones, Thomas     The Aquarian Naturalist. A manual for the seaside.
      1858    1st edition

Wood, Rev. J.G.   The Fresh and Salt Water Aquarium
     1868    1st edition

Taylor, J. E. The Aquarium: Its Inhabitants, Structure & Management.
      1876    1st edition

Damon, William E.    Ocean Wonders: A Companion for the Seaside
     1879    1st edition

Samuel, MarkThe Amateur Aquarist
     1894     1st edition

Hibberd, Shirley        Rustic Adornments for Homes of Taste

Bateman,  Rev G.C.        Freshwater Aquaria: Their construction, Arrangement and Management
           1902   2nd edition

Wolf, Herman T.        Goldfish Breeds and other Aquarium Fishes
      1908    1st edition

Boulenger, E. G.       The Aquarium Book
           1925    1st edition

Mellen, Ida         The Young Folks Book of Fishes
           1927   1st edition

Stoye, F.H.        Tropical Fish for the Home: Their care and propagation
           1932   1st edition

Coates, Christopher        Tropical Fishes For A Private Aquarium
            1933   1st edition

Beebe, William &     Field Book of the Shore Fishes of Bermuda
John Tee-Van    1933   1st edition

Peters, C.H.       Life and Love in the Aquarium
            1934    1st edition   signed by author and illustrator

Innes, William     Exotic Aquarium Fishes
           1935   1st edition

Mellen, Ida.       1001 Questions Answered about your Aquarium
            1935   1st edition

Perkins, Edward H.   Tropical Fish:  Their Breeding and Care
     1936    1st edition

Watson, E. Austin     Fishponds and Home Aquariums
     not stated - believed first edition

Rogers, Walter         The Tropical Fish Hobby
           1944   1st edition

Nachstedt, Julius &   Breeding Aquarium Fishes
Hans Tusche     1961 first English translation (1954 in German)

Klee, Albert J.    A History of the Aquarium Hobby in America
    1987   Issue # 261 of 300 copies

My Catalog Collection

Iowa Bird Company (includes fish and aquariums) November 1905.

Walker's Bird, Fish & Dog Book (Walker's Bird & Toy Store, 109 Court Street, Binghampton, NY).  No date, but believed to be prior to 1905.  Only fish listed are Japanese Fantail, Japanese Fringetail, Common Goldfish, Comet, Telescope.

Aquarium Stock Company 40th Anniversary (catalog 18) 1950.

Aquarium Stock Company 21st Edition - 1956.
My Collection of Old Magazines

Aquatic Life
Aug 1917, Jan 1920, Feb 1920, Mar 1920, April 1920, April 1920, May 1920, June 1920, Sept 1920, Sept 1921.

The Aquarian Bulletin (Brooklyn Aquarium Society)
Dec 1917, Jan 1919

The Aquarium Magazine
Volume 1   May 1932 - April 1933
Volume 2   May 1933 - April 1934
Volume 3   May 1934 - April 1935
Volume 4   May 1935 - April 1936
Jan 1949, Oct 1949, Nov 1949, Feb 1954, Dec 1954, Jan 1955, Jun 1956, July 1957, Sep 1957, Oct 1957, Jul 1958, Jan 1966, Mar 1966

The Home Aquarium Bulletin
Aug, 1933, Sep 1933, Oct 1933, Nov 1933, Dec 1933, Aug 1934

Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Feb 1957, Oct 1963, Nov 1963, Jun 1964, Dec 1964, Oct 1967, May 1968, Nov 1968

Modern Aquarium (Greater City Aquarium Society)
Mar 1969, Sep 1969, Mar 1970, Oct 1970

Old Aquarium Books
My Collection of Old Aquarium Related Books