Seat Restoration

Restoration of the seat on my
1973 Honda CB125 K5
The seat on the bike was torn in a couple of places so I needed to recover it. As the cover was going to be removed, I decided to improve the comfort level of the seat by adding a polymer pad insert from Carolina Butt Buffer.
Due to the smaller size of the seat on a CB125, I ordered the Butt Buffer size P insert which is primarily intended for the pillion section of larger seats. The polymer insert fits the front of the CB125 seat perfectly. The first step was to remove the old, torn cover from the seat.
The polymer pad was placed onto the foam and a marker was used to draw its outline. I then used a Rotozip to cut along the outline.
The Rotozip was used to cut the removable section into cubes. A sharp knife was then used to cut out a section for the polymer insert. A hand sander was then used to level out the cut-out section.
The polymer insert fit well into the removed section in the foam. The outline of the insert was then drawn onto the provided piece of foam.A piece of the foam was then cut out to fit on top of the insert.
The next step was to use rubber cement to secure the inert inplace before fitting a replacement cover. A replacement cover was purchased via e-bay but it turned out to be too small. I therefore took the seat to Creative Uphostery,Middle Road, Warwick,Bermuda. For $115, they custom made a cover for the seat,as seen below.