CB125 Carbs & Engine
CB125 - Carbs and Engine
Having sat for 10 years without being started, and with 10 year old fuel in the tank, it was obvious that the carbs would need some attention.  I removed the carbs from the bike and took them to my friends at Howard's Cycles for a clean up.
Above and left - carbs fitted and removed for cleaning
The carbs were given a clean up and the engine was checked over.  Once it was returned to me the engine was running for the first time in 10 years.  After some adjustments to the carbs, the engine was ticking over nicely.  However, the carbs leaked fuel whenever the bike was not running.  The engine also needed work as it did not have full power.  The bike went back to Howard's Cycles for some engine work.
Looking very bare with the tank, side-panels and engine removed
With the engine removed from the bike, a new block was fitted, the pistons were cleaned up and new piston rings fitted. New valves were also fitted before the engine was re-fitted to the bike.
New old stock (NOS) carbs were purchased and fitted to the bike.