Gas Tank & Side Panels

Restoration of Gas Tank and Side Panels Honda CB125
The gas tank has sat for 10 years with old gas in it. As can be seen above, the tank was rusted inside and out. As the tank needed to be treated for rust and needed to be re-painted, I decided to change the colour and restore it to a stock Honda colour scheme.
Above, the old gas is drained and the tank is removed from the bike
At left are the tank and side-panels prior to be sent out to Empire GP in New York. They treated the gas tank to remove the rust and then sealed the tank using Phenol Novolac Epoxy that leaves a smooth glass-like coating on the inside of the tank that won't break down.The tank and side-panels were then re-painted. Also shown is a new old stock (NOS) fork cover in Honda's Candy Gold Custom colour that was used to colour-match the paint for the tank and side-panels.
Above, the tank and side-panels at Empire GP after being painted
Above, the tank as it arrived in Bermuda with Honda emblems re-fitted
Above, the side-panels after painting and with the '125' emblems re-fitted
Tank and side-panels fitted to bike