Honda CB125

My 1973 Honda CB125 K5 Classic Motorcycle
I puchased this bike in July 2007. At that time, the bike had been sitting in a workshop for ten years without being started.

The photo on the left shows the condition of the bike when I first brought it home.

To see more photos of the bike on 'day one' together with photos of the various spare parts that came with it, click here.
The photo on the left shows the bike looked in October 2007, three months after I acquired it. The bike has been cleaned up and the seat has been recovered. Rust has been removed from the gas tank and the inside of the tank has been sealed. The tank and side panels have been repainted.

The exhaust system and handlebars are not standard for this model. They were originally made for the Honda CL125 but I like the look of both and will keep them.

There are more photos below. This site will be updated as the restoration project makes progress.
After the initial work, the engine was running but the gas cap was leaking fuel onto the tank top when the fuel sloshed about inside the tank. This problem persisted even after new gas caps were purchased. The problem was fixed by cutting off about 1/8 inch of the outer edge of the gasket on the gas cap.

The bike was licensed in December 2007 and replaced my 2004 Honda Shadow VT125 as my daily rider.The Shadow was then sold.

The CB125 then had further work done to the engine and had new carbs fitted (see above link for details)
For photos of the restoration of the side-panels and rusty gas tank - click here
For photos of the restoration of the seat - click here
For photos and information on wiring issues with the bike - click here
For photos and information on work done to the carbs and engine - click here

Unfortunately, I am still encountering challenges with the engine. Despite having had a re-bore, new pistons and new rings, there are still issues that remain.
New 'Vee-Rubber' tyres have been fitted to replace the previous tyres that had been on the bike for at least 10 years.
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