Bermuda Photos
All photographs courtesy of the
Bermuda Government Department of Communication & Information
This page features images of subjects that are distinctly Bermudian.
A beautiful example of a Bermuda kite, made from sticks and coloured tissue paper.  Kites are traditionally flown at Easter.
This wonderful gentleman is Johnny Barnes - one of Bermuda's greatest ambassadors.  He can be found every morning, Monday to Friday, waving and shouting "I love you" to motorists making their way into Hamilton.
What can be more Bermudian than Bermuda shorts?
A Bermudian barometer containing shark-oil.  When the shark oil gets cloudy, or develops cloud-like formations, bad weather is on the way.
A moongate - said to bring good luck, particularly for couples on their wedding day.
The Bermuda Regiment band
POMP & CEREMONY.  Soldiers of the Bermuda Regiment on parade.