Jardine Exhaust
1980 Honda CB900 Custom

Fitting Jardine 4-2 Exhaust
As can be seen in the above photos, one of my stock mufflers began to rust out from the inside. I had previously purchased a set of Jardine 4-2 exhausts, just as the supply was drying up, so I thought I'd fit them to the bike. Jardine is no longer making these systems for the CB900.
Photos of the stock exhaust are provided above for comparison purposes
The above six photos show the Jardine 4-2 system being laid out on the garage floor prior to installation.
The front section being fitted to the bike
When the mufflers were first fitted, the centre stand rested against the muffler itself. The mufflers had to be slid backwards on the headers in order to align the centre stand with the triangular shaped piece on the left muffler, thereby preventing the stand from scraping the muffler.
When the side-stand is retracted, it rests on the clip that secures the muffler to the header pipes. This should prevent the side-stand from damaging the chrome on the mufflers.
A couple of extra washers had to be used on the hanging bracket to ensure there was sufficient clearance at the rear axle bolts
There's still not a lot of clearance between the mufflers and the rear axle bolt
But I DO like these crossover pipes! And there is a more throaty exhust note when compared to stock.
Now I'm waiing for my next opportunity to get the bike out on the road so that I can see how she rides and sounds with the Jardines.

I've heard that the Jardines provide increased mid-range power so it will be interesting to see if I notice any improvement.