Honda Titan
2007 Honda Titan CG150
"Witchy Woman"
I purchased this 2007 Honda Titan in August 2009. The photo above shows what it looked like when I bought it (photo taken in October 2009). The bike has several aftermarket parts fitted, including a Coyote exhaust, Gazi rear shocks, motocross-style handlebars and a custom rear carrier. It also has a K&N air filter and a crankcase breather (see below for further photos).

This is my every-day bike and is ridden daily to work, rain or shine.
Witchy Woman Customisation

I decided to customise this bike with a theme. After some thought, I opted for a Witchy Woman theme based on the song by the Eagles. The theme utilises some of the lyrics from Witchy Woman: "Raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her fingertips" and "Woo hoo Witchy Woman, she got the moon in her eye." Those lyics are captured in the upper panels of the gas tank whilst the side panels of the tank feature an image of what the Witchy Woman might look like. She has black (raven) hair, ruby lips and has sparks (lightning) flying from her fingertips. If you look closely, there is the reflection of a full moon in her eye. The Eagles logo of an eagle skull, as featured on their Greatest Hits album, dominates the top of the gas tank. The name 'Witchy Woman' is carried on the side panels.

Whilst I conceived the design, the actual work of putting it together was done by Steven Flood of Bermuda Blueprinting. Steven pulled the design together on a computer and printed it onto vinyl transfers. Once the trnsfers were on the gas tank, Kevin Busby laid down over ten coats of clearcoat so that the edges of the vinyl cannot be seen and it has the appearance of being a very intricate paint-job.

The purple colour scheme is carried over into the mirrors which have a purple tint and which lighten or darken depending on available light.

Swint LED accent lighting (in purple) has also been fitted over the engine and under the rear fender.