Triumph Tiger Cub
1961 Triumph Tiger Cub
Riding in the Bermuda Day Parade - May 2009
I purchased this 1961 Triumph Tiger Cub in April 2009. It is a T20SL model with matching engine and frame numbers - 77690.

The bike had not been licenced since February 2004 and had sat in a shed for five years. As can be seen by the photo at left, much of the bike had rusted during that time.

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The first job was to clean up the rusty metal to see what was underneath and then I set about ordring replacement parts. The rusty aftermarket rear shocks were replaced with a pair of Hagon Classic III aftermarket shocks that are fairly similar in appearance to the stock items. The shocks were purchased from  Whilst they were listed as fitting the Tiger Cub they turned out to need some modification. I had to grind out the interior of the steel bushings on the bottom eye as they were not large enough to slide over the frame lug. Then, I had to grind down both sides of the steel bushing in the top eyes so that they would fit between the bracket on the frame. Once modified, the shocks fit nicely and I'm happy with how they look. You can see them on the bike in the photos below.
I purchased a set of alloy Akront Morad wheel rims, new tyres, new handlebars, new handlebar grips, new levers and new cables which have replaced the old rusty items.
I intended to do more restoration work on this bike but I sold the bike in September 2011 to help fund the purchase of my Land Rover for a big expedition I'll be doing in 2014. It was a shame to see her go but I can't keep all of my 'toys' and still buy a bigger one!