Vegas Bike Rental

Las Vegas Motorcycle Rental
In March 2008 I rented a 2006 Triumph Bonneville T100 from Moto Trends in Las Vegas and participated in one of their guided tours to the Valley of Fire, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.  Here are some photos from that trip.
The Valley of Fire
Me, on the Triumph, at the entrance to the Valley of Fire
Lake Mead
Moto Trends, Las Vegas - click here for website
Hoover Dam
When I decided to rent a motorcycle for a day whilst visiting Las Vegas, I checked the rates with a number of rental companies. I found that Moto Trends had the best rates. Furthermore, the fleet included more than just Harleys. I was particularly interested in renting the Triumph Bonneville. Although it is a modern version, it still has the style of the British classic.

I had initially intended to rent a bike and find my own route for the day. However, when I saw how reasonably priced the guided one-day tours were, I decided to take a tour. I opted for the tour through the Valley of Fire to the Hoover Dam. Royce proved to be an excellent guide and riding partner. Royce initially led the way but after a while he sent me out in front to set my own pace and make any stops I wanted. The tour ran for 7 hours and we covered 170 miles. It was a very enjoyable trip and I will certainly consider booking another (longer) trip with Royce through his new tour company River Road Motorcycle Tours.

I understand from Royce that most renters opt for the cruiser-style bikes - the Harleys and the Victory. They miss out on a real gem. The Triumph is lighter than the Harleys, weighing in around 450lbs. It also has a smaller engine (865cc). The lighter weight makes the bike easy to handle but the engine size is big enough to do the job. The standard riding style of the bike made for a very enjoyable and comfortable ride. The Triumph can certainly draw interest from passers-by also. Several people came up to me to talk about the bike when they saw it parked - initially mistaking it for a 1960's classic Triumph.
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